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Vertigo &

Vertigo & dizziness are distressing common conditions. Discover our scientifically validated approach.

& mild TBI

Concussion and mild traumatic brain injury can affect your performance in the short term and brain health in the long term.  Learn how we can help.


The causes of migraine are many and to get relief a comprehensive approach is needed. Learn more here.

Eastern Brain Centre

The Eastern Brain Centre focuses on the treatment of brain based conditions using neuroplasticity to build brain health.

At the Centre we have particular expertise in dealing with vertigo & dizziness, concussion & mild traumatic brain injury and migraine.

We are located in Wonga Park in Eastern Melbourne, and are conveniently located to serve the suburbs of Croydon, Ringwood, Lilydale and other Eastern suburbs.​

Contact us now on 03 8652 1628 to book an appointment.​

Eastern Brain Centre

9 Jumping Creek Rd,
Wonga Park VIC 3115
Tel: 03 8652 1628

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