Our Therapies

At the Eastern Brain Centre we focus on natural therapy approaches to neurological conditions. This is a summary of the main therapies that we utilise.

Nutritional therapies.

The exact way in which nutritional supplements work depends on the individual supplement. Some replace vitamins and minerals that are lacking. Others have specific effects on the body that will help the problem being treated. Dr Holmes will discuss any supplements that are prescribed with you.

Neurocognitive therapies.

These therapies use the workings of the brain and nervous system itself to stimulate other areas of the brain and nervous system. For example it may be light stimulation, music or sound therapies, and/or mental exercises.

Spinal and other joint adjustments.

Spinal and other joint adjustments or manipulation can have a marked effect on the nervous system when applied in a directed specific way. Any adjustments performed will be within the context of your condition.


Exercises can be used to restore muscle function and balance input into the nervous system. Other exercises can help the balance mechanisms in the ear function more normally. Eye exercises can have effects on brain function. Any exercises prescribed will be specific for your condition.

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