Preseason Concussion Screenings

Pre-season Concussion Screenings

As awareness of concussion has increased in recent years, practitioners who treat concussion have found the people who suffer head trauma frequently have issues with balance, headaches and their thought processes. There are mechanisms by which we can assess these problems but the issue is if somebody already had a pre-existing problem that it becomes very difficult to determine what was due to the pre-existing problem and what was due to the concussion.

As a consequence Scientific guidelines now recommend that individuals who are at increased risk of concussion should undergo what is known as baseline testing to establish what is normal for them. One component of baseline testing for concussion is what is known as stabilometry.

This involves standing somebody on a balance or force plate to measure their ability to stand upright in a variety of situations. These force plates are similar to the Nintendo Wii balance board, and use computer software to assess people. At the Eastern Brain Centre we have this technology in our clinic and we are pleased able to offer it to the local community for baseline testing.

If you or your children are involved in a sport it has a higher risk of concussion, or if you are a coach, trainer, or involved in some other capacity with sporting club get in touch with us now to arrange your complimentary screening.

For individuals wishing to be screened, just phone the clinic on 03 8652 1628 and arrange a time. If you are involved in the club give us a call to arrange a time when we can attend your club and do a group screening for your players.

After the screening you or your players will be given a copy of the results to keep on file should you be unlucky enough to sustain a concussion during the season. We will keep a copy in our records as well should you wish to attend for treatment for the concussion, however this is not required. In addition to these group screenings for clubs,

Dr Holmes, Chiropractor, is available to present training evenings for coaches and trainers, and information evenings on concussion for parents. Contact the clinic now to arrange one of these.

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